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Holistic drug rehab centers gain popularity

Holistic drug rehab centers gain popularity
Seabrook House

Overcoming addiction is usually a hard-fought battle. Whether it’s alcohol, heroin, nicotine or prescription drugs, going it alone only adds another layer of complexity and isolation to the process. Experts say that incorporating social support and therapy ups our chance of being successful. (It’s all about treating the cause, not just the symptoms.)

Seabrook House, a leading New Jersey drug rehab center, is taking it a step further, adding holistic treatments to the mix.

This means taking a whole-body approach — mind, body, soul — to getting, and staying, sober. The doctors at Seabrook House wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy, supplementing individual rehab programs with things like meditation, yoga and acupuncture.

“Getting clean usually comes with anxiety,” says Dr. Alberta Montano-DiFabio, Chief Clinical Officer. “Instead of just taking a pill, we want our patients to learn other ways of coping that they can take with them when they leave. If you take drugs and alcohol out of one hand, you have to put something else — a healthy replacement — in the other.”

Seabrook House has no shortage of healthy replacements. From massage to art therapy to mindfulness training, the rehab center’s wellness department is all about adding holistic supports to traditional addiction treatment plans. What it’s really about is attacking addiction from all angles.

For example, someone seeing their way through heroin addiction might really benefit from detox, which majorly eases the physiological symptoms that go hand in hand with withdrawal. To make the treatment plan as robust as possible, Seabrook House might also tack on guided meditation and group therapy. Their 12-step values are woven throughout everything they do.

“Our holistic treatment options are designed to support the other areas of recovery,” adds Dr. Montano-DiFabio. “One really does strengthen the other.”

Seabrook House is a celebrated private rehab center located about 90 minutes from New York City in Bridgeton, New Jersey. They also operate four neighboring outpatient facilities, as well as itsLong Term Residential Care Programs for men and women. This last care option is ideal for those in the early stages of the recovery process and can last anywhere from three to 12 months.

The organization also helps facilitate family interventions — or, as they lovingly call them, carefrontations. Each one is individually designed and carefully coached for every step of the process. The idea is to heal the family unit through loving kindness, with the guidance of a trained family interventionist. Visit www.seabrookhouse.org to learn more.