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Holy Cow! Prices rise for 4th of July BBQs

The Rabobank BBQ Index shows rising food costs for the past eleven years.

It’s nearly 4th of July weekend, which means fireworks, swimming, and BBQ. But for lots of New Yorkers, that’s going to hurt the wallet more than usual.

The second annual Rabobank BBQ Index, a review of food prices put out by the one of the largest banks for the agribusiness and food industry, estimates that this year a BBQ for 10 people will cost $68.22. Last year the cost was $51.90.

The main expense is beef, which rose 7 percent in cost in the past year. Making the switch to serving chicken could save up to 10 percent for a BBQ host, although that could be an unpopular decision among guests. Vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles) are the cheapest part of the meal, but are also up in cost this year, perhaps due to the drought in California.

The Rabobank BBQ Index is calculated using Bureau of Labor Statistics. The price estimate assumes that each guest eats “ two burgers (one chicken, one beef) with a slice of cheese, five handfuls of chips, a couple of beers, a can of soda, a pickle and a couple scoops of ice cream.”

To plan your BBQ at a public park near you, check out the NYC Parks directory. Barbecuing is not allowed under trees, and coals and litter must be disposed in the trash.

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