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Home Depot reconsiders policy after dog attack

Anne Riel used to enjoy greeting the dogs that came into the Gloucester Home Depot with their owners.

But since the Home Depot greeter was bitten in the face, the chain is reconsidering its policy on dogs.

“Currently, dogs are allowed in stores as long as they’re under control by their owner — this is a policy we’re now re-looking at,” manager of public relations for Home Depot Tiziana Baccega said yesterday.

There was a “No Dogs” sign at the store, but it was never enforced, said Riel.

The Shih Tzu that attacked her was in a shopping cart near its owner when Riel leaned toward it and it bit her nose.

“It happened so fast,” Riel said. “The shot of pain and the blood was immense.”

Riel received seven stitches and will require plastic surgery, she said.

Riel said she would like to see the dog put down.

Susan Jones, general manager of Emergency and Protective Services, said the city fined the owner $610 and issued an order that the dog must be muzzled in public.

She said she doesn’t have the power to kill animals that bite, but officials have not ruled out asking a judge to order the Shih Tzu be put down.

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