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VoIP users should be aware that their security systems may be affected by using such systems, a security provider is warning clients.

Michael Jagger, president of Provident Security Corp., said in light of a 911 incident last week in which a toddler died, VoIP users should also be aware of security issues.

“I just want people to know using a security system though a VoIP connector such as Vonage or Comwave causes delays or inconsistencies in the alarm signal speed,” Jagger said.

He added when his company tests alarm systems and they don’t work, one of the most common reasons is the homeowner has switched to a VoIP to save money.

“I just think these companies are irresponsibly marketing their products because not a lot of people seem to be aware about these problems,” he said, adding it’s too bad it took a death for people to realize this.

Alison George, spokesperson for Comwave, said the company ensures people know before they sign up the 911 system is different. And she said the security systems work as well as your Internet.

“These services aren’t right for everyone, but they are right for some people. If your Internet is down, of course a call will not go through, but we make sure people are aware of that.”

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