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Hope-for-the-best works for ties, not pets

While the idea of waking up to a puppy or kitten on Christmas morning is an enticing one, the city’s Animal and Bylaw Services suggests waiting until after the holidays to become a pet owner.

Director Bill Bruce said a better alternative to buying pets as Christmas presents is giving a gift certificate.

“The whole issue comes up every Christmas about gifting of pets,” said Bruce. “Pets are a wonderful addition to everybody’s life but a pet is a very intimate thing.”

He said it’s better when people are able to come in and pick animals that they bond with.

“We all hear the stories about gifting someone a sweater that they hate. It’s worse when you’re dealing with an actual living being.”

The gift certificates can be purchased year-round and don’t expire. That approach allows the recipient to have a pet when the time is right for them, Bruce said.

He added that if Animal and Bylaw Services doesn’t have the right animal for the gift-certificate holder, it can work something out with the Humane Society.

Gift certificates can be purchased at the Animal Service Centre at 2201 Portland St. SE.

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