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Hope Solo husband Jerramy Stevens was a scumbag far before the soccer team van incident

Jerramy Stevens, the husband of U.S. women’s soccer team star Hope Solo and a former NFL tight end with the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is by most accounts a world-class scumbag.

Stevens is in the news this week after he was arrested on suspicion of DUI while driving a U.S. Soccer team van with Solo in the vehicle at the time. TMZ reported Thursday that U.S. National soccer team officials were “especially upset that Hope allowed her husband to drive the team van, potentially leaving the team liable had there been an accident.”

This is far from the first time Stevens has been in hot water. A look at Stevens’ criminal record, according to Business Insider and The Seattle Times:

1998: Stevens charged with felony assault while in high school for getting in a prearranged fight and stomping on the victims’ head while he was unconscious on the ground. Stevens agreed to a plea deal for misdemeanor assault but tested positive for marijuana during his house arrest.

2000: Stevens sideswiped a car on a highway and left the scene. He was fined a mere $119.

2001: Stevens was sentenced to 90 days in jail for crashing his car into the side of a nursing home and fleeing the scene.

2003: Stevens was caught with two open bottles of champagne in his car. His blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit and he was sentenced to seven days in jail for reckless driving.

2004: Stevens settled a civil suit brought by the accuser of an alleged 2000 sexual assault for $300,000. In the incident, it was suspected that a date rape drug was given to a woman at a party Stevens later had sex with.

2007: Stevens was arrested for DUI in Arizona with a blood-alcohol level that was 2.5 X the legal limit. He served 12 days of a 30-day mandatory minimum sentence.

2011: Stevens was arrested for allegedly attacking two bouncers at a bar in Florida.

2012: Stevens was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence involving Solo.

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