Hospital leaked oil into the Bow - Metro US

Hospital leaked oil into the Bow

Two hundred litres of oil spilled from a Foothills Medical Centre steam generator into the Bow River this week, but it was dealt with swiftly, according to officials.

Alberta Health Services learned the generator was the source on Wednesday, and a collaborative effort between the Fire Department, AHS and City of Calgary Water Services to find the source and clean up the oil was soon underway.

“All there was on the water was just a sheen, there wasn’t even any oil in there,” said Bill Boyes, a spokesperson for City of Calgary Water Services.

He said there was no damage to the environment due to the low amount of oil.

“It was like nobody was ever there,” said Boyes.

While the problem needed to be fixed quickly, there was no health risk to humans or wildlife.

“It was a limited amount that leaked, and obviously any amount is too much, but it has been stopped,” said Bruce Conway, a spokesperson for AHS.

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