Hostess tries to start Twitter beef with MoonPie during solar eclipse - Metro US

Hostess tries to start Twitter beef with MoonPie during solar eclipse

While many of us were preparing to watch the first total solar eclipse in 38 years in person or via live stream, you may have missed a battle between Hostess Snacks and MoonPie on Twitter.

On Monday, Hostess and MoonPie took to Twitter to fight over which is the better snack cake to have on hand when experiencing a monumental event such as the solar eclipse.

The Twitter feud began when someone from Hostess declared their Golden CupCakes were the “official snack cake of the eclipse.”

Either someone from MoonPie didn’t feel like engaging in a Twitter battle, or they felt just felt it was obvious that Hostess was getting a little ahead of themselves with their statement; they tweeted back, “Lol ok.”

The short and sweet Twitter response by MoonPie was retweeted over 130,000 times and has over 320,00 likes.

Let’s face it. Hostess Golden CupCakes are delightful and would be a great snack for any occasion, but why go up against a snack that has a name directly related to the theme of the day? 

Twitter felt the need to chime in and did so accordingly with memes.

One Twitter user used a solar eclipse pun in their response.

This Twitter user took the entire thing lightly and expressed a feeling many of us share.

Hostess Snacks later realized that MoonPie wasn’t going to engage in any snack battles and wanted to join forces and use their “snacking powers for good.” MoonPie simply responded, “lol no.” We hope Hostess Snacks gets the picture by now.

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