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Hot dog vendor rips off customers, sells hot dogs and pretzels for $30

A downtown street hot dog vendor named Ahmed Mohammed has reportedly been ripping off customers by selling hot dogs and pretzels for $30.
New Yorkers are used to paying thousands of dollars for a bedroom the size of a closet, but $30 for a hot dog? Fuggedaboutit.
A casual poll around the Metro New York Office revealed that our staffers would pay no more than 2 dollars for a hot dog.
I personally wouldn’t pay more than a dollar, but hey, I’m disgusting.
NBC New York ambushed Mohammed and confronted him with the allegations. When Mohammed claimed to not speak English, the reporter told him that they had recordings of him speaking english and selling customers hot dogs for $30.
Mohammed, whose cart is reportedly located near the World Trade Center, seems to take advantage of customers he assumes are tourists. NBC New York recorded Mohammed trying to sell a New Yorker with a French accent a hot dog and pretzel for $15.
NBC New York reports:
“Part of the problem is that Mohammed’s prices aren’t posted, as required by the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs. At a hot dog cart around the corner, for example, there’s no question how much a hot dog costs — it’s listed at $1.”

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