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Hot plate: Double Chin’s Cube Toast

Joel Benjamin

Somewhat hazy, late night visits to Chinatown are a tradition for Boston area students. There’s nothing quite like a steaming plate of crispy, greasy egg rolls and tangles of pork lo mein from New Golden Gate, Peach Farm or Chau Chow City after a long night out. This, in the moment, is heaven, and in a more sober moment, an indulgence worth taking — though combined with other repercussions that follow — you usually wake up with puffy salt-induced fingers and eyes, feeling worse for wear, despite having eaten what seems like a booze-thirsty feast.

That’s whereDouble Chincomes in. On Harrison Ave., sisters Gloria and Emily Chin opened this Asian-fusion shop that serves quirkified versions of neighborhood classics last winter. You can get Craisin-stuffed crab rangoon, or crispy pork katsu on white bread with avocado and bacon, or Spam and taro fries, shoestring-style, served in a repurposed Spam can. And you can get them all until 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

The pièce de résistance, if based on Instagram postings alone, must be the Cube Toast. A hollowed out half of brioche is stuffed with scoops of ice cream, sliced fruit and nuggets of mochi, with slender rods of Pocky sticking out at the odd angle. They look artfully, adorably deranged — in the best way possible — mostly because they’re made up of everything your dentist banned you from eating.

The Chin’s say the Matcha Ma Call It is a crowd-favorite of the four flavors offered, and it’s mine, too. There are scoops of green tea ice cream, a dollar of red bean, chewy mochi and a drizzle of Matcha Milk that makes it near impossible not to eat the minute it hits your table. This is great logic because bread, ice cream and a near hazardous amount of sliced fruit are almost guaranteed to prevent a hangover. You know — almost.

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