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Hoverboard sale turns into Queens brothel robbery

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Two Long Island men were bound and robbed at gunpoint in a “known Queens brothel” when they arrived to purchase a hoverboard advertised online.

On Sunday, Brian Taylor and Walter Roth arrived at a home, also a well-known brothel according to police, on 103rd Street in Jackson Heights, where they hoped to buy a “Kool Wheels” hoverboard, the New York Daily News reported.

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As they were entering the house, men stuck guns in their faces and took their phones, wallets and jewelry before using duct tape to tie them up, Gothamistreported. They were then piled on the floor on top of other people who were also bound and robbed.

“All [of a] sudden I hear the duct tape rip. Then I see a guy on his knees, and he was duct taped, and three other women on their knees duct taped, and other people are scattered all over the place, duct taped,” Taylor said to the Daily News. “They start to pile us up on each other like a pyramid. They’re just piling us up, one on top of the other.”

Roth was quoted by Gothamist, stating that while he was bound, “the whole time the doorbell kept ringing. And I just think they kept robbing people and tying them up.”

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Using a key to cut through the duct tape on a fellow captive, Roth said to the Daily News that everyone was eventually freed: “All of a sudden people start running. Everybody just scattered like cockroaches.”

A police source told Gothamist that Taylor and Roth have been the only two victims to come forward, and the alleged criminals behind the scheme remain at large.

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