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How a simple tweet about the Earth unleashed a Twitter storm

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Do not — we repeat — do not send tweets about how old you believe planet Earth to be unless you are fully prepared for international notoriety.

Unfortunately, Twitter user Safiyyah Nawaz (@safiyyahn) didn’t get that memo in time and she made the grave, grave error of tweeting about Earth’s age on New Year’s Day. Big mistake. Huge.

It began with a remark that Nawaz insists was a harmless joke, stating that our beautiful planet was now 2014 years old. Well, that did not go over very well, as countless people tweeted to her that the Earth is well over 4 billion years old and that she is a moron and should go kill herself. Yes, there were people on Twitter who told her to go kill herself because of a comment about how old the Earth is. It was also retweeted more than 14,000 times.

Through it all, though, Nawaz handled it like a champ, once the shock of random strangers attacking her on Twitter subsided. She retweeted the more ridiculous comments with the perfect level of sarcasm, then eventually just started tweeting positive messages in the hopes that all the attention would subside.

Here’s how it all went down.

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