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How big of a jerk are you on Twitter? Let Klouchebag tell you!

Twitter is fun for a lot of things, but what it might be most fun for is being a jerk. Give someone 140 characters to say what they think, and even the most mild-mannered of us will turn into a raging snarkminstrel, sarcastically @-replying celebrities and ironically retweeting our foes. It’s all basically harmless — like summer camp, everyone knows the things you do on Twitter don’t matter in real life.

But still, it’s fun to wonder, exactly how much of a jerk are you being on Twitter?

Luckily, the new social media gizmo Klouchebag (the name is a portmanteau of Klout and … well, you get the picture) exists, for the sole purpose of telling us exactly how bad of people our tweets make us seem.

Klouchebag analyzes our tweets in four categories: Anger (how much you rant), Retweet abuse (how much you clog up your followers’ feed with bizarre tweets from people they don’t follow), Social Apps (how many of your tweets are mindless 4square and Instagram updates) and English Misuse (s3lf-expl4n4t0ry). All they need is a category for shameless self-promotion, and Klouchebag is all set!

Here are our results. (We blame that time we retweeted our friend’s live-tweet viewing of “Atlas Shrugged.”) What are yours?

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