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How do you play three card poker and what are the rules?

How do you play three card poker

Three card poker combines traditional poker rules with casino game strategy as another option for someone looking for a new game to play in their online casino. How three card poker is different from traditional poker tables can be confusing for new players. So, how do you play three card poker and what are the rules?

How do you play three card poker and what are the rules?

Betting strategy in three card poker is different than traditional poker tables. Gamblers play to beat the dealer instead of each other. Before the hand is dealt the player must post their ante bet and an optional pair plus bet. A pair plus bet is a wager on being dealt a pair or higher in your hand.

The dealer then deals three cards face down and each player can match their ante with a play bet or fold. Once bets are placed all involved flip and if the dealer qualifies by holding a queen high the winners are paid 1:1 on their wagers unless the player has a strong hand. Players are rewarded at 5:1 for a straight flush and 4:1 for three of a kind.

Three card poker uses the traditional poker hierarchy of hands but there is no strategy beyond whether to play or fold. It is more difficult to make a straight in three card poker than a flush so in this game a straight is worth more. Other than that, the hierarchy is the same and hands that require more than three cards are omitted.

Once a gambler decides to play a hand all they can do it hope for some luck.

More adventurous bets in three card poker

Aside from the standard ante and play bets which are required to play, a gambler is also given the choice for two optional wagers: the pair plus and the six card bets.

A pair plus bet is a wager made before the hand where the player bets on being dealt a pair or higher. The player can lose their ante and play bet and still hit their pair plus bet if they cannot beat the dealer but are still dealt a pair. If a player wins with a high card they can win on their ante/play bet and lose their pair plus bet.

The pair plus pays out 40:1 on a straight flush, 30:1 on three of a kid, 6:1 on a straight, 4:1 on a flush, and 1:1 on a pair.

The biggest risk and highest reward wager is the six-card bet where the player and dealer’s hands are combined to make the best five card hand under traditional poker rules. Casinos offer inflated payouts to entice the gambler to make the wager, however the casino edge at just over seven percent make it difficult for the player to profit over time. The occasional hit will bring a sizeable return, but it is just that: occasional.

Now that you know the rules, invite your friends to your table next time you play. Everyone can win as long as you beat the dealer.