How is de Blasio doing as mayor? Reddit chimes in – Metro US

How is de Blasio doing as mayor? Reddit chimes in

How is de Blasio doing as mayor? Reddit chimes in
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Reddit, the source of all things ridiculous or horrible on the internet, got serious about de Blasio’s job as mayor.

User, seaburnm recently posed the question “So, how do you think de Blasio is doing as Mayor?” over the weekend and garnered a decent amount of response. The vast majority of the answers dissapproved of de Blasio’s work so far with many citing de Blasio’s lack of politcal finess.

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“As a person who works in nyc government. I think he’s terrible,” HODOR00 wrote. “I work directly on a lot of projects he’s a proponent of. And a lot of it is poorly thought out and mismanaged. In my opinion he’s more interested in the headlines and the political theatre than he is in actual change.”

“As Mayor, he’s been a B+. As a politician, he’s a F,” Dodgernotapply wrote. “He has had some worthwhile polices (universal pre-k). He believes that good government is good politics but that’s naive. You need to be able to play the game. Sad but it true. The history of New York politics is littered with the remains of mayors who believed their policies, their ideas, and indeed their very beings were so clearly right and good and pure that they did not need to defile themselves with mere politics. He’s been outmaneuvered by Cuomo and the tabloids. One-term mayor”

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There were however those who responded in support of the mayor and his work. Many cited that de Blasio, as with most New York City mayors, faces an uphill battle in politics.

“He has higher ambitions and you can’t swim up steam I think that’s his worst flaw. I honestly think he started about as genuine and earnest as a politician can be and tried his damnedest,” User Whitegook wrote. “He has an impossible job and ultimately we’re all to blame.”

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