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How Kate Upton likes her men groomed

Kate Upton is the new brand ambassador for Gillette. Kate Upton is the new brand ambassador for Gillette.

More men than ever are manscaping.

A new survey by grooming giant Gillette reveals that 69 percent of British men shave and style their once bristling bushes. While facial follicles are seeing a bushy boom period, it seems that old school chest hair just isn’t cutting it with modern day metrosexuals. Supermodel and Gillette brand ambassador Kate Upton dishes on whether hair really matters.

It’s getting pretty hot out. What are your tips for staying cool in the sun?
My tips for surviving a summer in the city would be to find a cool spot in the shade with a great view and a chilled drink – enjoy it while it lasts.

Men’s swimwear is also heating up right now. What do you think about guys in short shorts?
I think if you’re bold enough to wear something like that then go for it! These trends have done wonders for male grooming — guys are taking care of their bodies, which I appreciate.

What about taking grooming to the next level – ‘manscaping’, so to speak?
Well, I think confidence is the most important thing. Usually when you take care of yourself it makes you feel more confident. But grooming is really important in a guy’s overall look because it says a lot about someone if they care about their appearance.

Would you date an unkempt man?
Grooming for me isn’t a deal-breaker but not being confident is.

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