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How many girls did Hugh Hefner have sex with in his life?

How many girls did Hugh Hefner, have sex with
Hugh Hefner died this week. Getty Images

Hugh Hefner was the playboy of all playboys, so how many girls did he have sex with in his 91-year sex-filled life?

Not as many as you might think, actually. Or maybe Hefner is just telling the truth about his sexual exploits unlike some of his lesser known man-whore counterparts. Hefner said he had had sex with “over 1,000” women in his life in 2013 – a rather conservative number considering his reputation. 

Famed pro wrestler Ric Flair, who nearly died last month, is alive, kicking – and likely giving rides on “Space Mountain” (Flair’s pet name for his manhood).

Flair is having an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary done on him (set to air in November) and he reportedly told the filmmakers that he slept with “roughly 10,000 women” during his wrestling career. Doing the math, that’s around 200 women per year (five per week) since 1967.

Wilt Chamberlain, sports’ all-time ladies man, once claimed to have bedded 20,000 females. It’s tough because I feel like while Flair’s number is somewhat realistic, he never had the type of international fame that Chamberlain had at one time. Then again, Chamberlain died relatively young at age 63, and Flair is currently 68. Flairhas had five more years to hone his craft.

Of course, the good money says that both of them are full of it. Chamberlain’s number is just too outrageous (multiple women per day for 40 something years), and Flair has already been caught lying about his conquests (he claimed to have slept with Halle Berry, to which Berry said she had no idea who the hell he was).

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