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How Melody finds some harmony

Melody Gardot’s backstory and dusky, honeyed voice aside, this jazz singer-songwriter (and pianist and guitarist) is unstoppable. Let’s see: Her second album, 2009’s “My One and Only Thrill,” was nominated for a Grammy; in May she performed at Cannes Film Festival in honor of director Tim Burton; and she laun-ches a tour with a special performance with the New York Pops. If that isn’t enough, as we catch up with the pretty blond 25-year-old, she’s vacationing in Marrakech, which she says is “beautiful.”

“It’s a life-changing experience,” she goes on. “The people, the culture, and the continent interested me, but it was a plane and a coin flip that brought me there.”

Gardot says she had a few days off in between tours when a friend called to ask her if she’d like to meet up. “We couldn’t decide between two cities,” she explains, “so we flipped a coin and wound up going to Morocco.”

She missed out on the Grammys because of work commitments, but Gardot’s welcome home performance with the Pops clearly makes up for it. “We are performing the songs of ‘My One and Only Thrill’ together, which is a part of a dream I’ve had since the album was released,” she says.

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