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How much for a sip?

NEW YORK. For New York’s coffee world, it was like Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier: A $12 cup of joe on Cafe Grumpy’s menu earlier this month opened the sky to gutsy followers.

After Cafe Grumpy — which has locations in Greenpoint, Park Slope and Chelsea — unveiled its expensive brew from Ethiopia’s Nekisse beans, Crowns Heights’ shop, The Pulp & The Bean, debuted a $10 cup of Ethiopian Longberry Mocha Harrar coffee.

The shops’ owners extolled their brew’s unique “fruity” flavors and both are selling briskly — Grumpy expects to sell out its roughly 100 pounds next week, The Pulp & The Bean will likely be out of its 50 pounds by tomorrow.

Pulp & The Bean owner Tony Fisher said he’s donating proceeds from the high-end coffee to the Ethiopian Children’s Fund.

“I did it to draw attention to the plight of Ethiopia,” he said, adding that maybe he would do something similar with a Kenyan brew next.

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