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How much would it cost to become Spider-Man?


Now that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has swung into cinemas, you can expect many people to consider copying his web-slinging antics.


But if they’re not put off by the fact that they’d almost certainly die either by the hand of a villain or by accidentally falling from the side of a building then the cost of actually becoming a superhero will immediately force them to reconsider. That’s because the good folks over at Twizzle have figured out that it would cost a whopping $1,093,730 to actually become Peter Parker. They’ve even created a nifty breakdown of where this expenditure goes, which you take a look at below:


Spider Man Graphic



Here’s the thing; not a lot of that money is coming out of Peter Parker’s pocket. Spider-Man’s suit and the web-shooters, which come in at a cool $1,067,523, were provided by multi-billionaire Tony Stark, while his $2,100 a month apartment is paid for by Aunt May.


The only piece of equipment Peter Parker splashed out on was the $446 for a camera, which he probably got for cheaper off of eBay. The best bit of advice here is making sure you become BFFs with a billionaire — and get bitten by a radioactive spider.


But how does the cost of becoming Spider-Man compare to other superheroes? Twizzle have been hard at work figuring that out, too, and not just for Marvel characters, as they’ve also figured out how much it would cost to step into Batman’s shoes. As you’d expect, it’s a little bit more than it costs to replicate Peter Parker’s raggedy outfit. Try 35 times more, as it comes in at $35,710,290.62.


Batman Graphic


Again, though, there are ways around this. First of all, Batman’s main cost is the $33,635,070 on Wayne Manor, which he inherited. But, if you’re crafty, you could get this for free courtesy of squatters rights. The key item on the above list is obviously the $48,326 a year on Alfred, though. If he’s like Michael Caine it’s a steal, but if he’s like Jeremy Irons, you might want to consider recasting.


There is one superhero that you can actually get reimbursed for being, though. However you do have to look like a complete and utter fool, while you’ll also need to be a full-blooded American. That’s because it’s none other than Captain America. You’ll only be in the money as long as the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement And Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.) give you a Vibranium shield, though. If they don’t, you’ll have to spend $54 million on it yourself.


Captain America Graphic


That salary of $155,000 a year seems a little cheap to me — especially considering that Steve Rogers was frozen for 60 years and has saved the world on at least four occasions. In fact, the biggest lesson from all three of these graphs is that superheroes really need to unionize.