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How my English accent got me a Duncan Jones exclusive about his ‘Mute’ spin-off

Alexander Skarsgard in Mute

Duncan Jones has made it clear for quite some time that Moon and Mute are part of a trilogy of films that he hopes to complete in the very near future.   

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with the English filmmaker over the phone about “Mute,” which was released onto Netflix at the end of last week.

I had always intended to ask Jones about this third film, but as soon as he heard my Lancastrian accent during our opening pleasantries he immediately felt compelled to give me an exclusive on the film.

Check out the full transcription of our exchange below to find out exactly why.

DJ: Are you from Preston?

GW: I am from just outside of Preston, a place called Chorley

DJ: I have to tell you, because you are the only person in the world other than the people it is based on that will appreciate this, “Moon” and “Mute” are part of a trilogy of films. They’re all independent but they’re all linked. And the third film stars two sisters from Preston.

GW: That’s amazing. What made you pick Preston?

DJ: Because I dated this incredibly lovely lady, we were together for 6 years when I was at school, and she was just brilliant and funny and her sister was brilliant and funny as well. The two of them were such characters that I just had to put them into this movie.

While Jones is clearly hell-bent on making the sort of spin-off to “Mute” and “Moon,” later on in my conversation he admitted that he is also simultaneously working on another film that he believes is a bit more “obvious and commercial.”

“There’s two projects I am working on. Because I am a bit more experienced I am not going to just try for one project and then bash my head against a wall for years. I’ve got my Preston one and then another project which I am hoping is just a little bit more obvious and commercial.”

“Whichever one I am able to get off the ground first is the one I will be going with. But they’re both female leads. I have been wanting to make a female lead film for a while. I didn’t have success getting it done before, but I am focused on doing that now.”

While we wait for Duncan Jones to figure that out make sure you check out his latest film “Mute,” which is now available to watch on Netflix.

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