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How social media defined and defended #NewYorkValues

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After Ted Cruz insulted Donald Trump’s “New York values” during Thursday night’s debate, viewers took to social media to criticize and lampoon the Texas senator.

In a verbal attack on Trump, Sen. Cruz admonished the real estate mogul for “embodying New York values,” NBC reported, adding that Cruz’s statement drew a swift rebuttal from Trump and on Twitter from debate watchers at home.

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“I think most people know what New York values are. … Not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan,” Cruz was quoted during the debate in a related Guardian report.

“[Cruz] has insulted a lot of people. New York is a great place, great people, loving people, and wonderful people,” Trump was quoted by NBC in response to Cruz’s accusation.

New Yorkers used the hastag #NewYorkValues on Twitter to immediately begin firing back at Cruz’s remark, NBC added.

Trump also hit back at Cruz, claiming the 9/11 attacks revealed that New York was much loved by the rest of the world, according to the Guardian, which quoted Trump’s response.

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“The people of New York fought and fought and fought. … Everyone in the world watched and everyone in the world loved New York. I have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that Ted made,” Trump stated.

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