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How Spotify can make you a better runner

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Anyone who has been forced to suffer through a run without music knows how hard it is to keep going when your only soundtrack is your thoughts. Studies have shown that music can help an athlete’s endurance by as much as 15 percent.

Spotify has spent the past year studying music’s effects on running and have found that what will improve endurance even more than running to a playlist of songs you like is running to songs that also match your running pace.

Starting today, the app’s latest version has a new running feature where it will detect a user’s running pace and then match songs with the same tempo the user will like, based on their listening history.

Today’s Spotify press conference announced several other new features of the music streaming service’s latest reincarnation. CEO Daniel Ek stressed that he wanted users to be able to use the app constantly, creating a soundtrack to their lives. Similar to music streaming app Songza that is largely built around a user’s activity, Spotify now has various playlists depending on the time of day and what the user is doing, such as commuting, working or partying.

Another new development is that Spotify will now stream podcasts and videos, pushing it beyond what most music streaming services do. The latest developments are available to users now.

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