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How to apply for TSA Precheck

How to apply for TSA Precheck
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Holiday travel can be stressful enough without adding airport security into the mix.

We all know that it’s a necessary part of airline travel today, but it still doesn’t make the long lines any more bearable.

Anyone who has traveled recently may have noticed signs at these security lines that read “TSA Pre✓.” According to the Transportation Security Admission, this designation “saves you time and stress.”

Those that have it, can go through security faster in a separate line and don’t need to take off their shoes, belts and light jackets, or remove laptops and liquids that meet the carry-on requirements.

The TSA claims that in October 2016, 97 percent of TSA Precheck passengers waited less than 5 minutes. Currently 4 million are members, and its provided at more than 180 airports and through 19 airlines.

So how do you get TSA Precheck?

Visit www.tsa.gov/precheck, where you submit an online application. Next, attend a 10-minute, in-person appointment that includes a background check and fingerprinting at a local enrollment center. Once approved, make sure to add your KTN to your ticket.

There is a cost of $85 to apply for TSA Precheck and $100 for Global Entry applicants. To be eligible to participate in TSA Precheck, foreign citizens must meet specific citizenship/residency requirements.

There is no age restriction to apply for TSA Precheck. Those 12 and under can participate when traveling with an eligible parent or guardian with a TSA Precheck indicator on their boarding pass.