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How to attract your ideal mentor, according to ‘Great News’

Great News Season 2 Premiere Tina Fey

Great news everybody: “Great News” is back! Or, great-ish news. This season, starts off with less of a bang and more of a clatter, stumbling through its initial episodes without making much progress or taking us anywhere new. While the writing has its moments of brilliance, as a whole the show feels stagnant.

So what’s going on with the Breakdown gang? Well, Katie (Briga Heelan) spent last season trying to further her career while dealing with her overbearing mother/intern, Carol (Andrea Martin, who does killer work and deserves better material) — and that’s still her major obstacle. So when, in the season 2 premiere, her mother’s exact opposite shows up, Katie obviously freaks right out and does everything she can to win her over.

The big reveal in last night’s episode is that there’s a new network head, played by Tina Fey in perhaps her least Liz-Lemon-like appearance yet (Fey is also a producer on the show). Fey plays Diana Saint Tropez, the author of a book called “Boardroom Bitch,” the only female Fortune 500 CEO of a non shapewear-related company, and Carol’s worst nightmare. Katie goes to great lengths to impress her and win a spot as her protégé, and while her methods are questionable, they do eventually, kind of slightly, work. Don’t try these at home, kids!

1. Do your research

Katie has read all of Diana’s books — including one called “Everything Your Mother Told You Was A Lie,” which throws Carol into a tailspin — and she knows she’s supposed to listen like a man and never frame a statement like a question. She’s 100% prepared.

2. Come right out and ask for what you want

Unfortunately, once Katie’s in Diana’s office she can’t stop framing her statements like questions. Even though she knows Diana hates that? And then she can’t stop apologizing? It’s all going so well so far.

3. Describe a weird dream

“You were holding me and telling me I was good enough and we were in a lake topless” is a very professional way to talk about your career goals.

4. Start stalking

Katie knows that the cool thing about office buildings is that everybody has to use the elevator eventually. Right? It’s a perfect way for her to just happen to run into Diana and announce that she’s taken her advice and started freezing her eggs!

5. Tell her to go to hell

Or, um… maybe don’t do this one. This one was definitely ill-advised.

6. Blame your mother

This is what finally works! It’s only after getting to know Carol and realizing that Katie was raised by a “sexist old fashioned lunatic” (her words), and still came out ok-ish, that Diana decides Katie has potential and is worth mentoring. It’s a dream come true!

What a whirlwind! At least one thing’s for sure: no matter what’s happened so far, there’s no way Carol will get in the way of Katie’s dreams ever again. Or will she? Here’s hoping “Great News” finds some fresh and compelling ways to show us.

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