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How to be an activist in the era of Trump


Originally published January 19

Barring an impeachment, we have at least four years ahead with Donald Trump as president. That’s too much time to spend angry and listless, refreshing Twitter and contemplating a move to Canada. Instead, find ways to channel your fear and rage towards enacting change. From volunteering time (and money), to getting on the phone with your representatives, here’s how to get to work — starting today.

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Donate to progressive causes

There are several organizations in need of financial support to continue defending our basic human rights under Trump. To help protect women’s reproductive rights, donate to Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation, NARAL Pro-Choice America, among others. To fight for civil liberties and help protect minorities, donate to the ACLU, the NAACP, and the National Immigration Law Center. The list goes on; visit togetherlist.com for more ideas.

Give your time

If you can’t afford to make monetary contributions, donating your time can be just as valuable; and there are countless ways to do it. Sign up with your local chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW) to escort women to abortion clinics. In New York City, you can fill out this Google doc to accompany minorities in fear of hate crimes on their daily commute. Look around your own community to see how you can help, from joining Big Brothers Big Sisters of America as a volunteer mentor to underserved youth, to getting involved with local community organizing groups.

Take action in the first 100 days

Sign up online for Michael Moore’s 100 Days of Resistance— or follow him on Facebook — to receive action alerts for “peaceful acts of resistance” you can do during Trump’s first 100 days in office. Actions will target Trump’s agenda, from his plan to defund the arts, to building a border wall.

The organizers behind the Women’s March have also launched a campaign, called 10 Actions /100 Days, which lays out a plan to address a specific issue every 10 days (for 100 days). Sign up here to receive alerts for each action.

Contact your representatives

If you’re unhappy about current legislative changes that are already underway, from the repeal of the Affordable Care Act to the pending confirmation of Trump’s cabinet picks, don’t just rant about it on Facebook. Voice your dissent directly by making a phone call to your congressmen. (If you’re unclear on who they are, visit “Find my representative” here.)

The site actionagainsttrump.com makes it easy, providing a Google doc with a weekly call to action, including numbers of congressmen to call and sample scripts for what to say on the phone.

Support your local politicians

Don’t just mourn what’s happening federally; support change on a local level. In the next four years, don’t neglect upcoming elections in your city and state. Stay informed on the candidates, and most importantly, vote. Remember: the next president has to start somewhere. Down the line, you might be seeing some of your local politicians’ names on the ballot.

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