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How to catch your wife cheating: Drone edition

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Kim Jong-un has gone from “Supreme Leader” to “Kim Fatty the Third.” #fatshaming

In case you thought about entering yours in a contest, don’t bother. Iggy Azalea said she had the “best vagina in the world.”

Will “Gilmore Girls” be the revival that actually stays alive?

Barbie’s thighs finally touch thanks to Ashley Graham and Mattel.

Stepping out on your spouse? Does your other half have access to a drone?Look to the skies.This woman didn’t.

President Obama named the recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedomand the list includes Lorne Michaels, Robert DeNiro, Diana Ross and a few other surprises.

“The Edge of Seventeen” is a “titanic depresso,”according toMatt Prigge, but it’s exactly what we need right now.

Is it Happy or Merry Fast Food Day?Here are 24 fast food items you won’t ever see again… and maybe that’s a good thing (although KFC’s Chicken Littles were pretty fly).

Looks likeBill Cosby is going to trial.

New York Magazine calledplaying with this stress-busting desk toy“tactile nirvana.”

In a Trump-is-president world, is Oreo taking its ball andplaying in Europe?

More children have access to health care in the U.S., anew studysays.

Russia bowed out of the International Criminal Courtsaying it is “one-sided.”

Trump said despite reports of disarray,the transitionis going tremendously “smoothly.”

Carrie Fisher revealed her “Star Wars” affair with Harrison Ford andhe had one word for her.

Congratulations on making it through Hump Day.



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