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How to eat Dominique Ansel’s milk and cookie shots

cookie shot Don’t let the milk sit in your cookie shot for too long.
Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel, who brought the Cronut into the world last year, is releasing “milk and cookie shots” at his Soho bakery on Friday at 3 p.m. for the city’s trendiest after school snack. The dessert is essentially a shot-glass-shaped chocolate chip cookie that you can fill with super premium, locally-sourced milk infused with Tahitian vanilla. Are you ready? In case you were wondering, like we were, whether or not you’re supposed to let the milk soak through, nibble the cookie little by little or just take the shot, here are Ansel’s instructions on how to eat the dessert:

1. For best taste, use extra cold milk.
2. Once you pour the milk, consume immediately so it does not soak through.
3. The shots can be carefully reheated, but we would suggest letting our staff do it so that they retain their structural integrity.
4. Best consumed on the same day.

Cookie shots from New York’s own Willy Wonka are not simple chocolate chip cookies, naturally. They’re made of a special dough that is aerated and “crispy on the edges with a moist center.” Ansel got his inspiration for the treat after sampling an Oreo for the first time ever just weeks ago, when his colleagues informed him that Americans always have their Oreos with milk. He said in a press release, “Since people love milk and cookies together, I thought it would be fun to have the cookie come with the milk.”

One cookie shot with milk costs $3 and a box of 8 is $25. The limit per customer is one box and two individual shots.

The shots were a hit at South by Southwest in Austin, Tex., where Ansel debuted the dessert. His spokesperson told us that one attendee even dressed up as a cookie shot to the launch.

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