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How to freak out Vancouverites

What gets your heart pounding and scares your socks off? Evil clowns? Snakes? A zombie Justin Bieber?

Vancouver’s Kayla Matzen can name her greatest fear without hesitation — spiders. Needless to say, working with spider props over Halloween for her job at costume shop Dressew can be a challenge.

The top scariest costumes of 2010 are blood-related, Matzen said.

“Vampires are a huge one this year, thanks to True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and Twilight.”

Zombies, Sweeny Todd, and dead Justin Bieber are other top spooky outfits.

“My ultimate fear is clowns,” admitted Jennifer Germyn, another Halloween lover. “They just pop out of nowhere and scare you. That’s why I don’t go to Fright Nights.”

Hitting a little closer to home, Michael Croteau and Melanie Beaudette agreed that bug infestations were one of their biggest fears.

“Whatever small bugs come in packs,” Beaudette cringed. “Cockroaches, bed bugs. I don’t mind spiders.”

Michael Croteau said he was afraid of flying.

“There’s the voice of the captain, but you never see who the voice is,” Croteau said. “It could be some guy on his cellphone on the streets of Vancouver.”

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