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How to get a natural love-rush

Hugs aren't reserved for SOs. Credit: Thinkstock Hugs aren’t reserved for SOs.
Credit: Thinkstock

Sometimes the simplest way to drop the baditude and bring on the happiness can come through an everyday action. Certain actions activate oxytocin — aka, the love hormone — which is known to induce feelings of trust and a sense of bonding. Oxytocin also helps you relax and reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels. Its anti-anxiety effects support growth, healing and overall happiness. When you’re feeling funky, oxytocin can turn your mood around, make you feel more connected and revive your overall energy.

There are a few natural ways to rev up the oxytocin engine when you’ve got the blues. These tips can be applied anywhere, anytime. Take a minute for a miracle and let the love hormone lead the way.

Place your hand over your heart
By putting your own hand on your heart you stimulate the love hormone, which sends out the inner signal that it’s safe to calm down. Once you place your hand onto your heart, breathe deeply. As you breathe, imagine feelings of love, compassion and ease passing over you. Placing your hand on your heart can calm down the crazy.

Hug it out
Another great way to stimulate oxytocin is to give someone a 20-second hug — it’s that simple. Make sure the hug is reciprocated: It’s important that the gesture ignite a sense of connection, which will in turn stimulate oxytocin. Hug your lover, your best friend or even your pet. The sweet connection between two beings can totally change your mood.

Flaunt your pearly whites
A genuine, heartfelt smile can connect you to a complete stranger. Smile at people you know and at strangers. Just express authentic, heart-centered grace through the generous gesture of a smile. In an instant you’ll feel love rush in.

Love doesn’t have to come from a romantic partner or a child. Love can come from any form of authentic connection. Take time in your life to create those connections and trust that you’re not serving yourself but you’re also spreading the love

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