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How to have a fun, healthy summer without being a buzzkill

Sarah Dussault

If you worked hard to earn your bikini body or are just trying to avoid gaining weight this summer, your social calendar probably feels like self-sabotage. Here are 3 Do’s and Don’ts to have a fun but healthy summer without being a buzzkill.


1. Do learn how to order a skinny cocktail without sounding like a basic bitch.Tequila doesn’t spike your blood sugar like other alcohols and is low in calories. Tell the bartender you want clear tequila like Patron with club soda, a splash of grapefruit juice and fresh limes for a low calorie margarita without asking for something skinny.

2. Exercise before you hit the beach for a flatter stomach or buffer arms.Aim to fit in at least a 30-minute workout, cardio or strength, before putting on a bathing suit to debloat your body and look leaner without losing any actual weight. Cardio helps reduce water retention and strength exercises increase blood flow to your muscles make them appear more defined.

3. BYO to the barbecue or beach party.If you’re worried about there being nothing but potato salad, chips, and cheap frozen burgers at the next BBQ, offer to bring a healthy dish. From a mezze platter to grilled chicken sausage, bring a veggie heavy or lean protein option you know people will enjoy.


1. Don’t talk veganism, grassfed, organic, or gluten-free at the party.Want to be a buzzkill at a party? Bring up the latest article your favorite guru blogged about. No one cares about your dietary preferences. There are times to discuss these topics and at the beach or barbecue is not one of them.

2. Don’t day drink like it’s the Fourth of July every weekend.It’s easy to consume six-plus beverages when you are doing it over the course of six hours at the beach. That’s 720 minimum empty calories a day assuming you choose light beer. It takes just 3500 extra calories to gain a pound of fat so you can plan to gain at least five pounds by the end of summer. Choose your Sunday fun days selectively.

3. Don’t skip your workouts or healthy diet during the week.It’s all about damage control. If you can eat clean and exercise vigorously for at least 60 minutes, 4 days a week during the summer, hopefully your physique will remain unchanged.


Sarah Dussault has over 20 million views and 200k subscribers on YouTube. She is a published author, certified personal trainer and full time blogger living in Boston. Her goal is to enable your passion for healthy living without giving up your social life. Visit Sarah’s blog at SarahFit.com, or watch one of her 500 health and fitness videos on YouTube at YouTube.com/SarahFit. She’s a part of Kin Community, YouTube’s #1 Women’s Lifestyle network. You can also follow her on Instagram at SarahFit.

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