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How to help an out-of-shape partner lose weight

This probably won't work. Credit: Colourbox This probably won’t work.
Credit: Colourbox

If you wish your partner would get in shape for the new year, you can be subtle about communicating so without hurting his or her feelings. Here are some tips for motivating a loved one from the experts at Find Your Trainer, a website that connects people to personal trainers.

Buy gift certificates: How can you get mad at someone for giving you a gift, especially if it includes a workout session for two? A 2012 survey by First Data showed that 80 percent of all gift cards are redeemed, and that one-third of those gift certificates change behavior.

Create competition: This strategy works especially well with competitive people. Challenges can include workouts three times a week, or the first person who doesn’t reach a goal has to make dinner for the other person. Celebrate a partner’s small weight or workout victories with unexpected treats or gifts, like a manicure or something he wants but doesn’t always get.

It’s not always about the gym: You don’t always need to go to the gym to lose weight. Take yoga or cooking classes, rent bikes or hike together. Or set up a weekly “date night” at the gym that is followed by a healthy dinner.

Track what you eat: Medical studies show that keeping a food journal doubles a person’s weight loss. Nutritional and calorie mobile apps make calorie counting even easier for couples. This year, stress the importance of eliminating unhealthy snacks and sweets from the grocery list.

Train for an event: There are fitness events year round that are suitable for everyone. Sign up for one of these events a few months out and train for it together.

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