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How to hide candy from your kids

Sweden, the country that brought the world ABBA, IKEA and H&M — has a new gift: Places to hide candy from your children.
Designers working for Swedish confectionery company Malaco, have developed a line of products that resemble normal things like cans, clocks and books, designed specifically for hiding candy.
Now when you take candy from a baby you can hide it like an adult.
Malaco wrote in a press statement: “Children are often more creative than you think. We noticed that the parents lacked sophisticated methods to avoid their children’s finely tuned ”candy radars”. Therefore, we have developed this candy stash series, which, if you do not know the content seems to be something completely different.”
Sweden has a cultural tradition, that may seem odd to Americans, that only allows children to eat candy on Saturdays.
The tradition was reportedly developed in the 1950s to monitor children’s eating habits and to mind their dental health.
Adults are however free to eat candy whenever they want to.

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