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How to hit on anyone, anywhere

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We’ve all been there: You get on the subway and see someone who might be the love of your life, but you don’t know what to do about it. As you ponder whether or not you have the guts to actually talk to this person, the doors swing open and your potential soul mate steps off and you’ve missed the chance of a lifetime.[videoembed id=436265]

Jared Sais, CEO of the Non-Verbal Game, says it’s possible for you to hit on anyone, anywhere, as long as you follow these tips.

Grin and bear it: Sais says the first step to flirting with a stranger is to make eye contact and smile. If they’re reading a book or looking at their phone, walk over and say hello.

Count: Watch how long the other person holds eye contact: You’re golden if it lasts for two seconds. “One Mississippi, two Mississippi – for that amount of time or longer, you pretty much have their interest and you can approach,” explains Sais.

Approach naturally: “Don’t use lines,” says Sais. Instead, he suggests walking up to your crush and simply saying hello. “If you’re shy, you can use that as your strength,” he says. “‘Hey, I really don’t do this a lot and I’m kind of shy, but I had to approach you and get your number,’ – that’s a natural way for success.”

Look the part: Sais says it’s important to express your inner confidence and personality through the way you dress and carry yourself. “Look the way you want to look,” he says. “You’re showing who you are by the way you dress, smell and act.”

Don’t stall: “If you’re really interested in someone, love doesn’t wait,” adds Sais. “Don’t make excuses, and step up to the plate.” Sais says this goes for both men and women.

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