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How to hygge like a true Scandinavian

How to hygge

We’ve all heard of the term hygge, especially this time of year when the temperatures drop and pumpkin spice lattes resurge. Hygge has rich Danish roots as the word represents contentedness, coziness  and most importantly, a sense of peacefulness with the present. Today, hygge is associated with woolen socks, crackling fires, hot chocolate, après ski activities and Norwegian woven sweaters—in modern terms, a Netflix and chill aesthetic. Before autumn sheds its last leaf, here’s a guide to how to can hygge like a true Scandinavian.  

How to hygge like a true Scandinavian

Allison Bean, editorial director at The Spruce tells Metro, “Hygge is all about creating a warm, welcoming, and restful environment in your home. Think of hygge as the home-extension of self-care.”

Adding touches of “self-care” aka cozy accents is easier than you think.

Bean continues, “Make your space a cold weather escape by adding cozy layers. Think faux-fur blankets or chunky knits, and squishy throw pillows in soft fabrics. You’re looking for items to snuggle up in, so avoid items with beading, heavy embroidery or other elements that are pretty to look at, but not touch.”

Spoiling yourself with how to hygge items such as a windowpane pattern blanket scarf (Mark&Graham, $49) or a decadent wine country picnic basket (Mark&Graham, $159) is a good place to start adding cozy amenities indoors. Additionally, the comfy mood can be set by candles—a fall weather staple.

How to Hygge

“An easy way to “hygge-ify” your home: add soft lighting. Votive candles are an inexpensive way to add warmth to your space. Consider using scented candles to add another layer of comfort— the scent is closely tied to memory, so choose one that evokes happy feelings,” says Bean. Perfectly, the Roam Candle (William Roth, $35) can bring all the hygge-vibes inside with one match switch.

Setting candles and sweaters aside, your home indoor color scheme can achieve a true peaceful mood year round too. HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams is introducing their Everyday Balance Color Collection. Inspired by hygge design style, the new assortment of colors is apart of their 2019 Color Collection of the Year.

Ashley Banbury, senior color designer at HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, tells Metro, “Hygge is a lifestyle about being mindful and present in your everyday.  While many associate it with the Scandinavian Design style, you can really make it your own because it is all about creating your own coziness.”

For those already feeling the how to hygge v the eight-color collection is dedicated to, “[Being] mixed and match in any combination for those who are looking for retreat from the chaotic nature of everyday life.  The colors are soft and calm with a touch of elegance. Pair with raw wood, marble and soft rounded furniture for a comfortable style with sophistication.”

Basically, a peaceful lifestyle is a few paint swatches and lit scented candles away.  

A collection of peaceful paint colors, cozy scarves, and warm candles are ideal means to incorporating hygge into your space. However, there is another alternative—two words, string lights.

“String lights are another budget-friendly way to create a cozy space. Hang them above your headboard or above your favorite reading chair for the full hygge effect,” says Bean.“You don’t have to embrace Scandinavian-style decorating to incorporate hygge into your home. If minimal, modern design isn’t your thing—that’s okay! More than a decorating style, hygge is about enjoying the simple things in life and appreciating small moments throughout your day—whether that be sipping a soothing cup of tea in your favorite chair, or reading a book while bundled up in bed.”

We’ll cheer our hot chocolate mugs to that!