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How to really get ‘Lost’

No television series has raised so many questions and been as successful for as long as “Lost.” And to thank fans for their patience with wheels that move masses of land, electromagnetic time travel, polar bears on a tropical island and other unexplained plot points, the producers of the show are hosting an interactive Q & A session tonight, simulcast in 454 movie theaters in the country.

New York Times entertainment editor Lorne Manly is moderating the discussion, after having conducted in his paper last week, what he refers to as “an exit interview” with co-creators and executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. The two producers have promised that they will go “radio silent” on the series for a number of months after Sunday’s finale, to allow viewers to draw their own conclusions, but tonight they’re yours.

Manly says he’s been into the show since the beginning, but wouldn’t call himself a fanatic.

“There’s people who can almost go down a rabbit hole, delving into it. I find it a very interesting show, and they tackle interesting themes, but ultimately with all the mythology, what interests us most is the characters, and if the writing and the acting is good on that front, I think people come along for the ride.”

As for the depth of the questions that attendees may ask, Manly says, “It sold out very quickly [in a lot of venues] so I don’t know how hardcore the group will be, but I’m curious to see.”

As one character so succinctly said to a visitor to the island in an episode, this season, “Every question I answer will simply lead to another question.” The good thing is, you can ask!

‘Times Talks Live: LOST’

Tonight, 8

Check online for nearest venue and price


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