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How to save money on traveling home for holiday breaks

Cheap travel options for college students
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As a freshman in college, it seems like you just started this big adventure yesterday. But now with the holidays just around the corner, finding the best ways to get home to see your family should be entering your mind so you don’t have to pay a semester’s worth of room and board on last minute plane tickets. Here are some of the best cheap travel options that you can count on for traveling home for the holidays. After all, midterm exams are enough to worry about as it is.  

Cheap travel options for college students 

Cheap Travel


Going away to college is a great way to meet like minded students from all across the country. But one of the things that you can count on, is that you are also bound to meet people who grew up close to where you grew up and who will be heading in that direction when school closes down for breaks. One surefire way for cheap travel is to coordinate with those students to see if anyone is making the drive and if they have an open seat in there car. Make sure to find any message boards or groups on Facebook and places like Reddit to see if you can get a lift.

Cost saving travel apps for college kids 

Oh, technology. While we all like to moan about the time sucking and addictive evils it has introduced to our own fragile human psyche, having the ability to find the best options for cheap travel as we get closer to the holidays is one thing that we can really rejoice over. By downloading travel saving apps like Check My Bus for cheap bus trips and Skyscanner for inexpensive flights, you can cut down on the time you would take to cross analyze your different options for getting home.

Get a Student Advantage Card to save on travel 

One of the perks about being a poor college student, is knowing that many companies understand that this is a tough time of adjustment for many young students. This can work out in your favor as companies like Amtrack, Greyhound, Exedia.com and many others will offer discounted rates on tickets using a Student Advantage Card.

To sign up for this card, you will have to fill out your personal information through their site at studentadvantage.com and submit either a payment of $22.50 for one full year, $32.50 for two years, $42.50 for three years, or $52.50 for four full years of benefits. While it may seem like quite a bit of money at first, you should think about how much happier you will be after all of the money you have saved.

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