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How to tell if someone is lying


Dan Ribacoff has been a private investigator for over 23 years — he’s definitely encountered his fair share of liars. Now, Ribacoff is exposing all his PI secrets — everything from how to hunt down someone to protecting yourself from identity theft — in his new book “I Spy: How To Be Your Own Private Investigator.” Here, we share his best tips for how to tell if someone is lying.

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They evade the truth. In his book, Ribacoff points out that people who feel guilty about lying won’t lie outright — they will just avoid answering the question. For example, if you ask your partner, “Did you cheat on me?” That person may answer, “Why would I do that? I have you!”

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They have delayed responses with filler words. Ribacoff says if the person at hand uses a lot of “ums,” “you knows” and “excuse mes,” they are trying to stall to come up with a believable lie. Be on the lookout!

They say the word “honestly” a lot.Ironically, Ribacoff says this is a big tell when it comes to spotting a liar. Another phrase to watch out for: “the truth is.”

They blame someone else.In an effort to divert your attention to someone else, liars will point to someone else. Say you’re a parent and you catch your teen sneaking in after curfew. Don’t be surprised if “oh, it was mostly so-and-so’s idea” comes up.

Ribacoff has more ways of spotting a liar in his book, which is out now.Also worth reading up on: his tips for securing your house, becoming unsearchable on the Internet and know if you’re being stalked.

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