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How to tie the knot without strangling your budget

The grinding recession may be giving brides-to-be the wedding blues, but there are ways to tie the knot without strangling yourself financially.

Patricia Pardy of its-your-event.com, a do-it-yourself wedding planning company in Halifax, says many couples are still hosting their nuptials, but scaling down.

“They’re deciding to make it more of an intimate affair,” she said. Guests cost $100 each on average, so if you drop from last year’s 150 guests to 75, you’ve cut the bill in half. “The rule of thumb is, is it someone we’ve spoken to in the last year?”

Make it known the venue is small, money is tight, and that you want a green wedding (fewer people travelling equals a smaller footprint), and your aunts and uncles should understand why they didn’t get an invite.

Pardy offers DIY wedding workshops to outline the problems that may arise and suggest solutions. A key saver is negotiation. “People are reluctant to ask for special deals, but you can get them, especially if you’re not hosting your wedding on a Saturday or if it’s a different time of year, like January.”

Pardy said DIY couples can have a great wedding and save up to 50 per cent with self-catering, marrying at a large house and choosing carefully when to go pro.

“Making invitations yourself puts your own statement on it, but sometimes people forget to put their own names on,” she said.

Ann Grant of Winchester’s Bridals and Formals on Dresden row said business is booming. Brides and grooms would cut back in other areas before reining in the wedding, she said.

“The brides are not scaling back; the brides are out in full force,” Grant said. She acknowledged the recession could affect costly destination weddings, which could be good news for local suppliers.

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