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How to watch the royal wedding online in honor of William and Kate’s anniversary

kate middleton's wedding

Whether watching for royals news is your guilty pleasure or you’re open about your obsession, you know that a big day is coming up. Sunday, April 29 marks the seventh wedding anniversary of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and we can think of no better way for you to honor the occasion than to watch the royal wedding online all over again. (For the record, it’s OK if you think of this big event exclusively as Kate Middleton’s wedding.)

Sure, the royal baby is a big deal — and the speculation on the royal baby name spun wildly out of control — but don’t let it overshadow the royal couple’s romantic day. On Monday you can go back to gushing over the adorable baby photos, we promise. The date of Kate Middleton’s wedding was, after all, declared a national holiday.

So carve out three hours, invite your girlfriends over for a boozy brunch, and toast the most talked about couple of our time. (Sorry, Kim and Kanye, you’ll have to take a backseat for the day.) And, yes really, you’ll need three hours if you want to watch the whole thing all over again.

How to watch Kate Middleton’s wedding online

Kate Middleton’s wedding, which happened on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey, cost a whopping $34 million — so you better believe it worth a re-watch. Look out for sweet details you might have missed the first time around, like how the now-Duchess of Cambridge pulled off a gorgeous fresh face that she applied herself.

kate middleton's wedding watch online

And make sure you stare long and hard at that Alexander McQueen wedding gown and how it paired perfectly with her bouquet of flowers that included one called sweet William — a subtle, romantic nod to her then-fiance. If you’re getting misty-eyed already, just wait until you hit play on the video below. Again, you can stream Kate Middleton’s wedding — the entire three-hour event — with the YouTube video embedded below.



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