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How will an MBA boost your career?

An MBA has long retained its status as the elite business and management qualification for a simple reason: it gives your career a boost. So how, exactly, can the degree help you take your career to the next level? Here are five perks of an MBA:

Improve your skill set
No matter what your background, you will leave your MBA program with a unique skills set. An MBA’s range of disciplines will allow you to make strategic decisions, and feel confident that you know what you’re talking about. You’re learning more than your way around a ledger. You’re going to hone those all-important soft skills, which allow you to lead a team (or a company) toward a shared vision of success.
Network like you’ve never networked before
In a good MBA program, you’re not only going to learn from some of the finest business and management academics in the world, but you’ll also find yourself among an accomplished and interesting peer group! The intensity of the program, during which you’ll be working closely with your classmates, means that you’ll form close bonds. Even when everyone goes separate ways, you’re still going to have one hell of a network.
Broaden your career options
Whether you want to change your position, job sector or location, pivoting in a new direction can be daunting. However, the skills you acquire over the course of your degree, the people you meet, and the companies you work with will open doors for you, and take your career in new and unexpected directions.
Get your money back…and then some
At QS, we’ve conducted research (freely available on TopMBA.com) that shows the ROI of an MBA is unparalleled when compared to other graduate degrees. We found that in North America, you can expect a 75 percent salary boost upon graduation. Over 10 years, the average return at a top school stands at $0.5 million; over 20, it’s a cool $2.57 million.
See the world
An MBA offers opportunities for travel and networking with top businesspeople from across the globe. Many programs will allow you to challenge yourself in a new business environment overseas, or take on a real consulting project. You’ll be ready for a career in a globalized world, and you’ll get a little taste of what the world has to offer.
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