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HRM, N.S. swap land in Halifax

The province and HRM have completed a land swap involving peninsula Halifax.

Under the deal HRM gives the province the Birks site on Barrington Street and the site of the former Queen Elizabeth High School. In exchange, HRM receives part of the former Infirmary Hospital land. HRM is also giving the province $1.9 million because the land it is receiving has a higher value.

HRM is planning to build a new central library on the infirmary land. The province doesn’t yet know what it will do with its property.

“At this stage we don’t have anything definite (planned),” said Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Bill Estabrooks. “Of course, we’re under some pretty strict financial restrictions and confines. There’s various plans and various suggestions, but none of them I’m prepared, at this stage, to take forward to the cabinet.”

He said the options on the table include leasing the land to developers. The Barrington Street site is being eyed as possible new government office space. But in the meantime Estabrooks said the province will not be moving quickly on the decision.

“At this stage it’s a parking lot. It’ll remain that way for a couple of years for sure,” he said.

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