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Human rights issues should inconvenience folks

Re: Tamils should consider course correction (May 15)

Since when have protests ever been convenient? In fact, human rights issues should impact and inconvenience those among us living comfortably.

Who cares if motorists and pedestrians have to take alternative routes around town? At least an alternative exists. There is a greater problem to be resolved. If you refer to any historical human rights movement, the same type of protests are exercised.

Apparently, there are more annoyed Torontonians than supportive ones. Why aren’t we, as a collective, participating in the Tamil rallies, vigils or street demonstrations as we do with so many other issues seeking government and/or civil support?

Even more amazing is the way Tamil Canadians have joined together to support the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka. I see weekly reports of my people killing each other and I wish we held the same respect and love for one another in order to end gun violence.

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