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Hunter deplores ‘poachers’ in video

A YouTube video depicting three men shooting ducks has one outraged Alberta hunter turning to social media to inform the public that those in the video are poachers not hunters.

Avid hunter Carl Wagner, creator of the Facebook group “Get the Poacher,” said the video is another struggle for legitimate hunters to keep their name clean.

“We are always constantly fighting to have our name be separate from that of a poacher,” said Wagner.
Darcy Whiteside, from the Alberta government Sustainable Resource Development, said the video is shocking and those involved shouldn’t be considered hunters.

“The last thing that (hunters) want is to be associated with acts like this.”

Whiteside said officials are still unsure exactly where or when the video was taken, but it appears it was likely filmed in Alberta or possibly Saskatchewan.

Whiteside said those involved could face serious charges for shooting out of a vehicle, shooting on the side of the road, the type of rifle used and if it was out of hunting season.

Anyone with information can leave an anonymous tip at Report a Poacher 1-800-642-3800.

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