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Hup Holland! Soccer fans paint town Oranje

Decked out in orange, fans of the Dutch national soccer team lined up outside the Ship and Anchor yesterday afternoon to cheer for the Oranje in the World Cup.

Despite it being a weekday afternoon, the 17th Avenue pub was filled to capacity with fans, who watched their team defeat Uruguay 3-2 in the semifinal match.

For Evan Fournier, the game was a family affair with both of his grandparents and several cousins coming to the Ship and Anchor to watch the game.

“My family is from (the Netherlands),” said Fournier.

“I’ve cheered for them all my life and I just want them to win.”

During the half-time break, Fournier and some of his family members took to the street outside the pub for some ball handling of their own.

Other pub-goers and people on the street joined in — until the call of ‘Game on!’ came from inside the bar.

“It’s not over yet, so hopefully they can break through and make it to the final,” said Fournier.

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