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Husband’s donation ‘changed my life’

It’s been two years since Lynne and Derek Horne got their lives back on track.

All it took was a routine kidney transplant.

In 2005, Lynne’s kidney failed as a result of genetic disease that caused cysts to grow on her kidneys.

Lynne’s case of Polycystic Kidney Disease was unusually aggressive.

One of her kidneys had swelled to 10 pounds, 40 times its normal size and wrapped around her stomach.

After her kidneys failed, Lynne went to start dialysis, but by that time, she said she was sleeping up to 20 hours a day.

In June 2007, her husband gave her one of his kidneys.

“It’s changed my life from being constantly sick, to a pretty healthy person,” she said.

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of the operation and to raise awareness of the disease, the couple is helping to organize a fundraising event for the Polycystic Kidney Research Society of Canada.

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