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Hyde refused treatment in the months before his death

Howard Hyde was hospitalized but refused psychiatric help just months before his death, an inquiry heard yesterday.

Hyde, a schizophrenic off his medication, was Tasered by police in a struggle and died 30 hours later in jail in November 2007.

Just six months earlier, in May, Hyde was arrested after being seen hanging from his common-law wife’s balcony and threatening to harm the superintendant, according to a Nova Scotia Hospital treatment summary form.

Hyde may have been threatening suicide but he denied this.

Hyde was taken to Dartmouth General Hospital by police and then to the Nova Scotia Hospital. Doctors wrote that the chances of his mental health symptoms improving and full functional recovery were poor.

“This man has a treatment-resistant disorder and has consistently refused interventions, e.g. rehab,” reads the treatment summary.

Hyde refused psychiatric treatment and was discharged, though he said he would see his family doctor. The form also says Hyde’s chances for re-hospitalization were elevated.

According to Hyde’s common-law wife, Karen Ellet, at the time of his death Hyde had not been on his medication for about two months. She told the inquiry Hyde complained the drugs made him gain weight and caused impotence.

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