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Ibrahim takes cusp of stardom in stride

“People keep telling me, ‘Zaki, you need to be more hungry,’ and I don’t know if I need to be,” says singer Zaki Ibrahim, balking at moving at a pace that could compromise her artistry.

“Instead of forcing something, I need to see how things make sense when they’re moving naturally.”
Wise words spoken from an artist who has seen her stock rise exponentially since indie debut, Shö (Iqra In Orange) made the underground circuit in 2006. While gaining experience on the road as support for K’Naan and Bedouin Soundclash, the South African-born, Vancouver-bred songstress quickly developed a strong following, winning fans over with her powerful voice and socially conscious lyrics.

Now with a new EP, Eclectica (Episodes In Purple), being distributed through Sony BMG, her soulful music will soon reach larger audiences.

“I almost couldn’t imagine taking (a music career) seriously,” she explains. “But then I realized it’s all the same in that you’re taking yourself seriously and (this opportunity) is not to be taken for granted.”

Nor does she forget the cast that has helped sustain her — District Six Music, a collective of DJs, producers and artists with a penchant for good music with a cause.

“You’re only as good as your team. Working with people you trust and love is important because it helps you to be more creative.”

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