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Idiots say Las Vegas shooting was conspiracy theory hoax cover up

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There remain a boatload of gun-toting idiots in the United States who believe the Las Vegas shooting was a hoax and these people have found a conspiracy theory for just about everything that transpired on that horrific night earlier this month.

The crux of the conspiracy theory running rampant in YouTube comment sections with Las Vegas shooting video involves how this entire event was “orchestrated” and that the main motive was so that the United States gets stricter gun control. The majority of the kooks claim that the event took place at a country music event in order to scare right wingers into believing that’s it’s finally time to crack down.

While the following graphic YouTube video is conspiracy theorist porn,  most of it is pretty easy to debunk. Just remember that video is like statistics, you can make something say anything to the contrary if you try hard enough.



Here is a still image from the video above that has a caption of, “Where are the people getting shot or that have been shot? I don’t see anything. All these people are oddly unpaniced considering they’re being shot at.”  Yes, consider the spell-check-less source who wrote, “unpaniced.”

Look at the still image below.



He asks, “Where are all the people getting shot or that have been shot?”

Answer: They’re by the barrier. There are others behind the barrier. There are even more behind the cameraman in this video. It was an enormous area that the event took place in, and you can take any image from that night and call question into it.

As for the video of the “unpaniced” people, there seems to be about 800 people running for their lives beyond the white barrier in the video. They absolutely seemed “paniced.”

The poster of this video also claims this guy who saw everything go down was reading from a script. Ya know, like someone who just went through the more traumatic time of their life gives a damn whether or not he’s looking into a camera like a trained news reporter.



Here is a taste of some of the comment section bat poop.


Jme Lapette on blood: “This is the famous red power that actors are using to simulate bleeding. They put it in there mouth and let it drop. No bullet entry. All that sh*t is staged. The question is why.”


Admiral Vger on an FBI sting gone horribly wrong: “So best story I’ve heard so far (and most likely) is this was supposed to be an FBI sting, where some newly radicalized terrorists get caught with a bunch of guns after the fake massacre. The FBI looks good, the country is safe and we all hail the King. But, something went wrong. If Paddock was the middle man setting up a weapons deal, he got made by the terrorists and they killed him and left town without the weapons. The sting had to continue with the shooting drill and actors. Now the FBI is worried this Fast & Furious repeat will get out so they finger Paddock for the whole thing – which is hilarious!”


Saffyj2012 really going off the deep end: “So why doesn’t somebody check deaths registry in las vegas see how many reeeeeaaally died like in sandy hook zero. Mind you im sure they will kill people its all part of their agenda but these hoaxes are specifically done to disarm all of you like they did here in Australia mate, maaaaate we were so dumb. Not one argument people.”


Of course, none of these idiots can explain how all of the EMTs and all of the people on duty at the hospital that night were “in on it,” among many other things but this is what conspiracy theorists do. No matter how insane a theory, they’ll find a way.

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