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Idling bylaw put on hold

Council has decided to put the brakes on the anti-idling bylaw debate for now, but they’ve agreed to rev up another public education campaign.

That was after the very long debate took a new twist yesterday morning, when the suggestion came up that the bylaw should target drivers in areas near schools, or if it should be led with an education campaign.

Coun. Ron Hayter had some stern words for his colleagues during yesterday’s debate.

“That’s why an educ­ation and an awareness campaign is so important, because you got the gung-ho councillors that want to put it in right now and shove it down their throats,” said Hayter, who urged councillors to take more time in their decision.

Drivers caught idling their vehicles longer than three minutes in conditions warmer than
-10 C could expect a fine of $250 under the new bylaw proposed by city council. Bylaw officers would also depend on citizens to snitch on idling drivers.

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